Missionary Friends

This is a brief update from our missionary partners:


Simpson Update Voyage Church, Montreal - Cody & Sonya Simpson church plant

- Vision statement: “Drawn by His grace, driven by His love.”

- Castor EMC partners with them through prayer and $400 monthly support.

- Cody sends weekly updates to our church via email which are placed on our mission’s board.

- The Fleet family who were an integral part of the Voyage church are leaving to start a new church plant in Detroit.

- The church has just baptized three young ladies that have dedicated their lives to Christ

- Pray for:

     1) a larger place to worship

     2) development of discipleship groups

     3) musicians and worship leaders

     4) volunteers for children's ministry, A/V, and hospitality


Katie and Wes Peacock-Wycliffe translators with Ghana

- Castor EMC partners with them through prayer and $200 monthly support.

- Wes and Katie like to go to Ghana occasionally (one at a time) but have not been able to travel because of COVID restrictions.

- Most of their translating is done online.



ShareWord Global (formerly Gideons)

- Castor EMC partners with them through prayer and $100 monthly support.


Ryan & Shiv Cole-PNG with MAF

Ryan and Siobhain Cole in PNG As always we are so grateful for your prayers. They hold us up continually, thank you!

-In early April new measures requiring every domestic passenger to get a covid test within a day prior to their flight

-now have rapid Covid tests in Telefomin, but still can’t fly passengers out of bush communities.

- Some prayer points:

1) For our new Dutch neighbours coming at the end of May. He is a pilot also and they have 3 boys under 8: it is a big transition for them. Ryan is fixing up the house for them.

2) For the PNG government to change laws so MAF can carry passengers out of bush airstrips.

3) For our general health- we don’t want to get a slight cold which would result in us being isolated for two weeks.

Thanks and God bless.



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