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Thank you for visiting our website! Feel free to browse around and learn a little more about our church. Of course, we would welcome the privilege of meeting you in person! You will receive a warm welcome and our prayer would be that you sense something of the unconditional love of Jesus during your time with us.

With Alberta reopening plan at Stage 2, we are now able to be at 1/3 our fire rated capacity for Sunday services. Masking and social distancing guidelines are still in place. Please be courteous to each other as everyone has a different level of caution with regards to their personal space and what they are comfortable with.

We will also be continuing our weekly devotionals. Please check out the video link (hover over the Ministries tab above, then click on Weekly Devotional Video)


A message from our Pastor:

Dear Castor EMC family!

It’s hard to believe that for the last 15 months or so we’ve been grappling with this COVID situation, trying our best to get through it! Recognizing that as a church family it’s been important to respect provincial health guidelines and at the same time to keep lifting high the Name of Jesus at church and at home. Thank you everyone for your patience as we navigate this new and tricky situation.

Not long ago we heard some good news from our provincial government. Beginning June 10th , 2021 the government of Alberta announced religious gatherings are safe to reopen to 1/3 of our fire code capacity. That means for us we are allowed 100 people in our sanctuary. In saying that, we’ll continue to have our Sunday morning services live-streamed into the Fellowship Hall and on the TV in the foyer if there are those who would like to come to church but not be in the main auditorium.

Just recently we began going through Paul’s letter to the Philippians. A sermon series I’ve entitled “Citizens of Heaven.” And one of the recurring themes in the letter concerns ‘the mind.’ Paul wants us to think well as Christians. And in doing so, he appeals to the example of Jesus. We are to think the same way Jesus thinks. So, how does Jesus think?!

Well, Paul says, He thinks of others before Himself, and in some quite surprising ways. Jesus, who being in the form of God(!), thought it necessary to take on the form of a human servant. Becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. Thus, we see Jesus emptying Himself of Divine privilege, humbling Himself to the lowest human position, sacrificing in the greatest sort of way. Think like this, says Paul. Work to have this kind of mindset in everything you do; the mind of a servant God who thinks and acts sacrificially for others.

One of the things I’ve needed to keep reminding myself of these days is the LORD is in control. There is never a single moment, not even throughout this Covid crisis, when He has not been in control! And the good news is the One-In-Control is thinking of us ahead of Himself, humbly serving us in every way, willingly forgoing any number of privileges and freedoms for the sake of love.

Think like that.

“And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more…” (Phil. 1:9).

Thanking God so much for each one of you.


Pastor Brent Siemens





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